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For Dutko | Ragen Homes & Investments, selling a house is more than a For Sale sign in the front yard and a listing on the Internet. It’s the privilege of being entrusted to maximize the return on what is likely the biggest investment in a person’s life – and we don’t take that privilege lightly.

With over 30 years combined experience in real estate and property investment, and over 1,000 home sales in Northern Virginia, we’ve developed a client-centered approach to selling that is simple and effective. First, we learn what matters most to our clients, whether that be a timeframe they need to stick to, a sales price that must be achieved to sell or something else weighing heavily on their mind. Then, we develop a marketing strategy based on those needs, while simultaneously working to minimize hassle and provide our clients with an unmatched level of customer service and attention to detail.

Our background in property investment has provided us with an in-depth knowledge of the sales process that cannot be duplicated outside of this experience. We take everything we know about buying and selling our own investment properties and apply that knowledge and expertise to your home sale, offering you a huge advantage in today’s market.

Whether you’re selling your first home, your last, or any one in between, let us assist you in making the experience easy and worry-free! That’s right, selling a house CAN be easy and dare we say, enjoyable, when you work with us.  Get to know us better when you call us today at 571-249-3551.