Revitalize Tired Homes

We Buy Houses, Help Families, and Revitalize Homes

Although we are in the real estate investment business, we do so much more than buy, fix, and flip properties. We help families and revitalize homes. Each home is unique with a unique story to tell. We especially love to revitalize tired homes! Our team and panel of investors have an eye for finding properties with great potential, in amazing neighborhoods, and breathing life back into them.

One of our favorite purchases is this home in Alexandria’s Braddock Heights community. Situated between Del Ray and Shirlington, Braddock Heights is a charming and well-established neighborhood in Northern Virginia. It is full of young families with sought-after schools nearby. Built in the 1950’s, the house was meticulously maintained by its original owner. He was a former military general. In the 1990’s, the owner retired, decide to renovate, and built an addition, which almost doubled the size of the house.

After two years, the addition was finally finished. Unfortunately, the owner’s wife because very ill and he spent the next 10 years taking care of her. Therefore, he did not finish many of the renovation projects. For example, he completely gutted the master bath and laundry room and he did not finish the basement.

Once the owner moved to an assisted living facility, his family needed to sell the house. However, lenders would not provide financing due to the number of unfinished projects. As a result, buyers could not get loans and the family lost several opportunities to sell the house.

Revitalize Homes

Fortunately, we filled the family’s need. We bought the house for cash, finished the projects that were started 20 years ago, and sold it the day before it went on market through our extensive “Coming Soon!” advertising program.


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