Here’s a look at our latest project: a beautiful two-level rambler home. Looking to buy a home? Click here. Looking to sell a home? Click here. Today we want to show you around our latest project in the Sleepy Hollow neighborhood in Falls Church, VA. This home is right behind our other project on Valley we showed you a few weeks ago. The home is a big, two-level, five bedroom three bathroom rambler set on a beautiful, half-acre lot. A builder was interested in the lot and wanted to tear down the home, but competed against them and won.... Read More Today we want to show you our progress on this Sleepy Hollow home. Looking to buy a home? Click here. Looking to sell a home? Click here. We have a quick update for you on the home renovation project we’ve been working on in Sleepy Hollow, Falls Church. We love taking old homes like this and modernizing them. I’ll walk you through some of the improvements we’re making today, such as removing load bearing walls, replacing outdated rail systems and more. This is going to turn into a wonderful open floor plan with a modern farmhouse feel. We can’t... Read More Help us serve those in need with our food bank fundraiser. Looking to buy a home? Click here. Looking to sell a home? Click here. We hope you’re all staying safe during these uncertain times. As a team, we volunteer at a food bank that normally serves 2,000 people per week. Due to the current situation, their needs have tripled. That’s why we’ll be hosting a fundraiser this coming week and will be matching up to $10,000 of your donations. If you don’t have the money to donate, you can also help by donating your canned goods. Click here... Read More Here’s an update on how our Sleepy Hollow build is coming, bearing in mind the quarantine restrictions due to COVID-19. Looking to buy a home? Click here. Looking to sell a home? Click here. Today we’re coming to you from the basement of a project we’ve made some progress on here in Sleepy Hollow on Valley Court, where we’ll share some good news despite all the worries about COVID-19. Things have been going a little slower, but we are still progressing. We just passed all of our rough inspections, which means that we can move forward to our final... Read More Many people are asking how the pandemic is affecting home prices. Today I’m sharing what you need to know. Looking to buy a home? Click here. Looking to sell a home? Click here. We hope you’re all doing well during this difficult time. Today we are discussing how the health crisis has affected our local real estate prices. It’s been over a month since the coronavirus was classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, but here in Northern Virginia, homes are still selling. During this time, we’ve been able to help 13 families with their buying or... Read More

Who has their phones and cameras ready for the Dutko|Ragen Homes & Investments Crazy Quarantine Moment Pic Contest? We know you do so get them phones and cameras ready, get creative, snap some pics 🤳(if you don't already have some) and enter them into our contest for an opportunity to win a $100.00 Amazon Gift Card! catching! 🤑. Starting today and through April 26, 2020, we will be on the lookout for the CRAZIEST and entertaining picture you have taken during this quarantine time. Make it fun and creative but please keep it PG13, we serve a lot of families and... Read More We're sharing an update on our local real estate market and what opportunities this bizarre time is bringing. Looking to buy a home? Click here. Looking to sell a home? Click here. Today we want to share what’s happening in the Northern Virginia real estate and investment world. Of course, the stay-at-home order has changed how real estate is conducted, but the market is still moving. We see this time as an opportunity for real estate investors and those who want to become investors. Unlike the stock market, which has seen a ton of volatility, local real estate has... Read More We’re touching base about our current market and how the coronavirus is affecting it. Looking to buy a home? Click here. Looking to sell a home? Click here. We wanted to touch base with you about our local real estate market and how the coronavirus is impacting it. Obviously, everyone’s hearing a ton of national news about the health scare, but real estate is hyperlocal. Here in our Northern Virginia market, we’ve had 245 homes go under contract in the last few days. So the great news is, real estate is still selling. Currently, we’re hovering around three weeks... Read More

Across the country, economists made 2020 real estate market predictions that anticipate moderate industry growth. Although interest rates are historically low, economists anticipate tight inventory levels to continue without significant increases in the foreseeable future. According to The Washington Post, "the real estate industry is being dragged down by scarcity in housing stock, especially at lower price ranges." There are many reasons for this, including the inability to loosen up lower priced properties. Many "move-up" buyers do not have anywhere to go; and the ones who do buy a second home are holding on to their first homes as rental... Read More

What are you doing New Years Eve? If you still haven't made plans or you are unsure about the best ways to ring in the New Year, we have done all the research for you. From balloon drops and champagne toasts to fireworks and family-friendly activities, we've got the skinny on all the fun! We composed a guide to some of the best 2020 New Year's Eve celebrations in DC and Northern Virginia. Here's what we know: Washington, D.C. 2020 New Year's Eve Gala at Willard InterContinental Washington, DCIf you are looking for an elegant evening of fine dining and... Read More