Alexandria’s Contemporary Community Meets Modern Renovation

In 2018, Dutko|Ragen Homes & Investments sold several renovated homes in Hollin Hills, a mid-century modern neighborhood in Alexandria, VA. This unique community was originally designed by notable DC architect Charles Goodman and built by Robert Davenport. The neighborhood’s first home was constructed in 1949.  As Alexandria’s contemporary community meets modern renovations, Dutko|Ragen’s latest listing, 7712 Elba Road, Alexandria, VA, is at the forefront of Hollin Hills’ rejuvenation.

Modernizing a Contemporary Design

Alexandria's Contemporary Community Meets Modern Renovation
7712 Elba Road, Alexandria, VA 22306

Last year, we published a blog featuring Northern Virginia’s Local Gem: The Hollin Hills Community. We highlighted the neighborhood’s unique contribution to the area’s urban development and land preservation. In 1951, Hollin Hills was designated as the nation’s outstanding development by the Southwest Research Institute. It continues to win awards for its housing and land planning, including the 1982 “Test of Time” award by the Virginia Society of the American Institute of Architects. When Davenport created Hollin Hills, he set aside parkland throughout the development. Even today, dozens of acres of parkland are meticulous maintained by the local Civic association and volunteers.

When Hollin Hills was designed, split-level ranch homes with gabled roofs and floor-to-ceiling windows were built to allow for tons of natural light. Charles Goodman’s love and appreciation for nature is visible in his designs. Goodman and Davenport focused on preserving trees and fitting their homes to the natural contours of the land. Decades later, Hollin Hills is thriving and a new wave of home owners are moving into the neighborhood. Real estate investors know the value of these unique properties and are modernizing them, while maintaining the original character and appeal of the mid-century modern home.

A Look Inside

Our listing at 7712 Elba Road, Alexandria, VA 22306 is the perfect example of this modernization. Over the years, the former owners built many additions to the house. Unfortunately, these additions were not well-planned and made the house feel segmented and small. The appeal of a mid-century modern is a bright, open, and airy layout. Relocating the kitchen from the front of the house to where the master bedroom was originally located created an open-concept living space. It now features a spacious living room and a bright dining room overlooked by a large kitchen island.

The area off the living room is more open now. It can be used for either a bedroom or a multi-purpose room. These transformations established the modern living space that it is now and fits with the neighborhood’s expectations of the mid-century modern style.

Additionally, the home was given a whole new master suite with a walk-in closet and a private spa bath.

Lastly, the flagstone patio provides an outdoor lifestyle. Creating this outdoor living space brings the outdoors “in” and appeals to the modern lifestyle of today’s buyers.

With these big changes, 7712 Elba Road, Alexandria, VA is designed to maximize and appeal to the neighborhood’s architectural design, while providing the luxurious amenities associated with a modern renovation. As more contemporary homes receive modern renovations, the mid-century modern architectural style will continue to thrive. Notably, similar styles can be found in neighborhoods throughout Fairfax, Falls Church, and Reston, such as parts of Mantua and Holmes Run Acres.

Finally, if you are interested in living in this mid-century modern home, we would be happy to talk to you! 7712 Elba Road in Hollin Hills is for sale! Please contact Dutko|Ragen Homes & Investments at 571-249-3551 or